Foot Pain And Aching Feet

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Most often, when I see people with back problems, usually, all I have to do is check their feet and alignment, and that will show me what the problem is. Many people have fallen arches, and their ankles pronate. Some people’s feet suppinate and most of their pressure runs along the outside of the foot. Their shoe heels wear out on the outside rear edge. All of these things are signs of misalignment and imbalance in the feet. Old injuries (and pain associated with aging ) interfere with all activities by making us not want to move and by draining our energy. So, let’s start by addressing the question head-on.

Plantar fasciitis- Plantar fasciitis is the number one problem caused by over pronation. When you have a fallen arch, the connective tissue along the bottom of your foot and connects the heel bone to the toes and creates the arch of the foot becomes inflamed. Plantar fasciitis manifests as intense pain in the heel that can, in severe cases, spread to the arch and ball of the foot. Any kind of foot problem, fallen arch included, can cause an improper gait- or the way you walk. If your walk is wrong, it can cause knee, hip, back and even neck pain.fallen arches anatomy

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Having “flat” feet is definitely not a death sentence. And while they may seem a bit less attractive and less comfortable than feet with normal arches, the condition can certainly be dealt with. Surgery is typically a last resort for many different ailments. Flatfoot, being primarily an inherited condition, is easily remedied by simple, gentle caring of the feet. Those with flatfoot are first advised to seek an evaluation from a healthcare provider, to determine the severity of the condition. The correct shoes and proper guidance during physical activities can mean a world of difference.

Additional arch support, or orthoses, are also beneficial and an important aspect of treatment. These range from off the shelf arch lifts to a custom-made device that is made from a mold of your foot. Often orthotic devices can be moved from one pair of shoes to another. The human body is truly fascinating; they are the perfect balance ofbones, flesh, and natural body fluids. Special cushioning is present inour joints and at vital regions in any place on the body that bearsweight. Being flat footed, you most likely have an overpronation running pattern, meaning that the shoe support needs to be focused on the arch area of the sole.fallen arches images